August Appeal: Student Screening

Support our August Appeal to help us inspire and educate students on the importance of asking “are you ok?”.

On Thursday 8 September 2016, The BULLY Project, R U OK?, ACMI, Bullystoppers, the Department of Education Victoria, Federation Square and PROJECT ROCKIT are teaming up. We’re delivering a morning packed with activities to inspire students to be there for one another when life gets a bit tough or stressful.

Interventions that help peer-rejected children learn how to positively communicate with peers (e.g. ask questions, show support, make suggestions) can help them be more accepted by peers, less likely to be bullied, and more likely to be assisted by peers if targeted (Pelligrini, 2002).
SEL & Bullying Prevention, CASEL
Who benefits and how?

This event will bring together 160 Victorian secondary students and their teachers. Students will have the chance to watch, listen and explore how they can connect with friends and support them if they are going through a tough time. They will gain practical insights to help them contribute to a safer and more inclusive school community.

How do we do it?

1. WATCH We are screening BULLY for younger audiences. The film provokes empathy and will be the conversation starter for students to further explore how they can connect with friends and support them if they are going through a tough time.
2. LEARN Our speakers include Lee Hirsch, Director of BULLY (video call from NY), R U OK? Ambassador Poppy Griffiths, and PROJECT ROCKIT’s Archie. headspace’s trained clinicians will also be present to offer immediate support. The session will inspire and offer practical advice on how to look out for one another and seek help.
3. ACT Students will participate in photo and digital activities. They are encouraged to make a pledge to connect with their peers, and share their own stories where they have been UPSTANDERS. We find that peer-to-peer encouragement and sharing stories helps UPSTANDERS multiply!

Where we need support

The goal for this project is $2,500 which will go towards:
• Travel for Katie to get to Melbourne
• The BULLY Project “What to do” Postcards for students
• A banner for The BULLY Project (nope we don’t have one yet!) so we can look a little bit professional & make sure we’re in the background of all the photos
• Bringing together at least 6 partners, event planning & execution, and sharing stories from the day online.

awesome partners who are making this happen

R U OK?, ACMI, The Department of Education Victoria, Federation Square, PROJECT ROCKIT and headspace.

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