The documentary film BULLY provides a frame for parents to talk with their kids, for kids to talk to each other, and for educators to rethink how the climate and culture is in their school and how they handle bullying.

BULLY is a powerful tool to use for teacher professional learning, parental awareness, and student’s social and emotional learning. Before using BULLY in your school or community we encourage you to read through this information, and if you intend to use BULLY for school and community screenings, you can purchase the Toolkit that includes the version for younger audiences which is appropriate for use in the classroom.

“This film has inspired me to want to become a principal when I grow up.

When I become a principal, I plan on making a true difference with preventing bullying and I won’t stop trying until change happens.”
— 14 year old student, Abby Erickson

Rating: M
Running Time: 98 minutes
Australian Curriculum: Mapped to the PDHPE Curriculum Years 7–10. Also appropriate for Media Arts, Humanities & Social Science, Civics & Citizenship, and the General Capabilities
Duty of Care to Young People:
BULLY features some shocking scenes and sensitive themes. Please be conscious of all students’ wellbeing. Please engage your school’s counsellor or community youth mental health support services for further guidance.

A second version of the film ‘For Younger Audiences’ is available that does not include themes such as suicide or gun violence. It’s available in The BULLY Project Educator’s Toolkit.

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