Bravo Troll Ed Cover

The BULLY Project Bravo Troll! Classroom Kit

Suggested Amount: $5.00

We’ve teamed up with Perth rapper Mathas, who in his latest release BRAVO TROLL! addresses the effects of online bullying and trolling on mental health and resilience. This resource is based on his new track. We’ve paired reflection and analysis activities with remixing and digital activities to get your classroom buzzing. We hope you and your students enjoy!

We're offering for you to “Name Your Price” for the Bravo Troll Classroom Activities Kit. All funds raised go back into creating more awesome resources and experiences to reduce bullying in Australia. Your support lets us know that you would like us to keep it up.

The download is 42MB. To download, complete order and on your order confirmation page you will see ‘Download’ in red, just under the product name. Click and the download will start.