The BULLY Project Australia Educator’s Digital Toolkit

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The Australian edition of The BULLY Project Educator’s Digital Toolkit, is packed with social and emotional learning tools and resources to help you prevent bullying and create a more caring, respectful community. New Aussie content includes activities and lesson plans mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Years 7-10, as well as mapping to the National Safe Schools Framework and AITSL standards. We’ve also partnered with Adobe, ACMI, PROJECT ROCKIT and FYA’s Propeller Project to present a blockbuster suite of initiatives for the whole school to get involved with and create a generation of Upstanders!

You will receive an automatic download as well as online membership access to access online resources.



Included in the Educator’s Digital Toolkit:

  • Online access to BULLY-The full length theatrical version of BULLY runs 1 hour and 24 minutes.
  • Online access to BULLY for Younger Audiences (This special version of BULLY excludes mature themed topics such as suicide and gun violence. The film features the story of Alex, a 14-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, and Kelby, a 16-year-old girl who was bullied after she came out as gay. This version has a run time of 47 minutes.)
  • Facing History and Ourselves “Guide to the Film BULLY” and online workshop
  • Welcome Letter from director (Lee offers his advice how to use your toolkit)
  • Guide to Getting Started at your School (The timeline provides strategy and framework on how to make the materials in the Kit work for your school all year long)
  • National Safe School Framework mapped to BULLY
  • Roadmap to Building a Caring and Respectful School Community
  • Taking Action On Your Own and School Project cards (Tips on how to get students and schools INVOLVED)
  • School Climate Surveys (This includes information from organizations that can help your school conduct and interpret climate surveys.)
  • Australian Curriculum HPE Activities and Lesson Plans for Years 7-10
  • PROJECT ROCKIT Hypothetical Pack
  • Graphics Toolkit (Tools to help you create your own resources!)
  • Not In Our School Quick Start Guide
  • NCLD School Kit (Detailed advice about Learning Disabilities and  Schools)
  • Common Sense Media lesson plans on Cyberbullying
  • Welcoming Schools Bullying Tips
  • Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning (This video from Edutopia educates on what SEL is)
  • Relationship Mapping Exercise Guide (Resource that details how to do successful Relationship Mapping exercises in your school) 
  • Peace First SEL in the Classroom (Resource that outlines SEL exercises for younger students)
  • Bully Screening Postcard for Students (Resource that makes it easy to print postcards with tips on how to handle bullying situations)
  • Case Studies on how Australian Schools are using the toolkit
  • BULLY Classroom Poster  (self print)
  • Principal’s Pledge Poster (self print)


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