Assessing Your School Climate

A key to building support amongst the whole school community and to gauge what is happening, is to conduct a School Climate Survey. Use a school climate survey as well as a short audit survey available from the Safe Schools Hub . Through these surveys, you can find out if students feel safe, cared about and respected by staff and peers. You can find out whether students feel part of a community and responsible toward their classmates. You can uncover whether students are influenced by the stated values of your school.

For more background on school climate check out the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Healthy Schools are Effective Schools: A resource package for improved school climate:

Module 1: What is School Climate?

Module 2: How Can We Make Sense of Our School Climate Data?

Staff, Student and Parent Surveys

The Victorian Department of Education and Training BullyStoppers has developed teacher, parent and student surveys that are accessible as PDFs and online for Victorian schools through an online Data Collection Tool. Find out more.

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) has paper and online versions available of the Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey (SEW). The SEW is an anonymous strength-based survey for students aged 13–18 years, which provides an ecological view of students’ wellbeing. Find out more.

The Safe Schools Hub is funded by the Australian Government, working in partnership with state and territory governments, the nongovernment school sectors and Education Services Australia. The Safe Schools Hub is underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF), which aims to ensure that all Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing.

The Safe Schools Hub has heaps of resources and includes the School Audit Tool to assess your school environment.